SmoothSpine™️ by Joololo - Alignment Pillow - Relieve Hip Pain & Sciatica

SmoothSpine™️ by Joololo - Alignment Pillow - Relieve Hip Pain & Sciatica

SmoothSpine™️ by Joololo - Alignment Pillow - Relieve Hip Pain & Sciatica

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Protects the Spine from rotating and pulling - Support natural alignment of the back and hips

Prevents the Sciatic Nerve from getting pinched - Relief for your lower back, hips and legs

Stops painful bone-on-bone rubbing - Alleviate Arthritis

One-time investment - Save yourself the medical bills

Protects the Spine from rotating and pulling - Support natural alignment of the back and hips

Prevents the Sciatic Nerve from getting pinched - Relief for your lower back, hips and legs

Stops painful bone-on-bone rubbing - Alleviate Arthritis

One-time investment - Save yourself the medical bills

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What Makes The Joololo™ SmoothSpine Leg Pillow Special?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this pillow help with my back, hip or knee pain?

Poor sleep posture is a leading cause of pain. The SmoothSpine Leg Pillow helps reduce back, hip and knee pain by supporting the natural alignment of your spine through the night. Next to the spine support, our pillow ensures your knees do not rub against each other during. Side sleeping just got way safer and more comfortable!

How fast will the pillow help me?

85%* of our customers report significant improvements in their sleep, back, hips and knees after the very first night of sleeping with the Joololo™ SmoothSpine Leg Pillow.

Please do not worry if this is not you! Everyone's body is different, so some people need a couple trial nights before getting used to sleeping with our pillow and to be able to feel the relief. This is exactly why our policy lasts 14 nights - to guarantee results, even if you need a couple nights to get used to your improved way of sleeping.

*Results according to a survey done by 412 customers.

Does the pillow get hot?

No, our custom made memory foam ensures the Joololo™ SmoothSpine Leg Pillow does not get (annoyingly) hot. It does get a little warm which is unavoidable, however, this only helps the memory foam to do what it does best; shape to your legs!

This makes the Joololo™ SmoothSpine Leg Pillow the perfect fit all year round.

Can I wash the pillow and what material is the case?

Yes! The pillow cover is machine washable. Easily unzip the zipper and throw the cover in the washing machine. Fresh and ready to help you sleep & feel better.
Our pillow case is made out of a carefully sourced cotton blend; ensuring high quality, durability and safety for the skin. Next to that the pillow will not get hot during use.

Is the strap adjustable?

The elastic strap is not adjustable, however, it's made so that it fits all thigh sizes. The elasticity of the strap took a long time to develop and is one of a kind.

Does it improve my sleep?

If you've ever felt like pain or discomfort in your back, hips or knees kept you from the a night of uninterrupted sleep - then the relief and comfort our pillow provides can significantly improve your sleep, yes!

How to use the pillow?

Upon placing your order you will receive a full guide in your inbox on different ways and recommendations for the use of the pillow such as positioning. Anyone, no matter age, gender or condition can use it. Simple as that!

We also have a few videos on our Facebook page demonstrating putting the pillow on and using it.

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What if SmoothSpine™️ doesn't work for me?

Our product is backed by our 14-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just email us at and we'll take care of everything.

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719 Reviews

Beiraj L. >

This pillow works very well, I'm surprisingly satisfied.

Susan K. >

Recently purchased this memory foam pillow and it's been a game changer for my sleep quality. As someone who often struggled with hip pain, this pillow's alignment support has been fantastic. Highly recommend it!

Fernando M. >

I have tried a lot of other pillows, but this ONE!, it’s just perfect, I have never had one complaint with this…Thanks for making such a wonder design. From the strap to the foam to the materials used.

Jeff Y. >

great buy, really no complaints besides maybe that i should have ordered a second one for travelling

Ellen R. >

I bought 3 of these pillows online while scrolling social media. It was an impulse buy. I admit it. I didn’t believe in it much at first. Once they arrived after a few days delayed shipping I tried it the first night and didn’t really feel much difference. I decided to give it another couple of days, just because of all the positive reviews. And that’s when I started to notice a real difference. Another 6 days passed by now and my hip and lower back pain are completely gone! Like it was never there.

Kimberly F. >

I got this because I was suffering from lower back pain, due to a previous injury, and hip issues that have been getting progressively worse over the years. This pillow not only solved my lower back pain, but also keeps my hips and spine properly aligned, which has helped relieve a lot of the pain in my legs/hips. It keeps it's shape really well and I love that it has a strap to keep it attached to your leg at night. I bought a second case to use while the case from the first one is waiting to be washed.

Tracy R. >

Wish i bought these earlier! Such better quality sleep

Jessica B. >

I got one for my lower back/hip pain and love how compact it is for sleeping while still providing support. I toss and turn and it’s easy with this. My husband tried it also and loved it so I bought a second one!

Bruce H. >

Physical therapist recommended this pillow because of sciatica and my hip kept moving out of place. Since using this pillow, my hip has stayed in place, greatly reducing pain. got 2 as some nights I like an extra one between my ankles and the deal was good

Esther M. >

You can never be absolutely sure what it is that resolved a physical problem or problems, but I am fairly certain that use of this product fixed a seriously painful problem with sciatica and associated lower back pain. What was really odd to me was that I thought the thing looked impossibly difficult to sleep with, but just the opposite. There was no period of getting used to it or anything like that and I slept comfortably through the first night and nights following. Recommended

Megan W. >

After a major hip + knee surgery, I was really worried. You have to sleep with a pillow between your knees if you lie on your side, or you could dislocate the new hip, but I did not think that I would be able to keep a pillow in place. After lots and lots of looking, I discovered this one on social media and decided to go for it. Boy, I'm glad I did! It has a soft strap so that it stays in place, even on my heavy legs, which has given me much peace of mind.If you need this for your back or hip, don't hesitate. You will be happy you didn't.

Emily C. >

Thanks you very much ! Well received

Franckie W. >

Physical therapist recommended using a pillow between my knees to help reduce my back pain while sleeping. Regular pillow is too clumsy. This pillow is formed to fit between the knees/legs with no discomfort. The removeable cover is a nice feature. Overall a great product.

Janis S. >

Very comfortable. Helps with my sciatica.

Oliver C. >

This is the best knee pillow I've ever owned! It's perfect, both comfortable and affordable!

Katie D. >

It is perfect and actually helps both knee and hip

Guadalupe L. >

This product has been a godsend for me to sleep at night after having hip surgery helping me keep my legs apart. It’s allowed me to sleep on my side again. Fantastic product!

Casey H. >

its useful for many things

Albert L. >

This pillow does support the alignment of my spine!! Very comfortable.

Alexander M. >

I am using this to prevent back pain. I’m a side sleeper and this pillow seems to help a great deal in preventing back pain in the morning. Well designed for its purpose. Well done.

Tonya C. >

I can't sleep without this thing. I strained the ligaments in my lower back and still deal with the pain especially when I sleep funny. This pillow changed all that. Truly a life saver.

Jamie T. >

If you're struggling with hip pain during sleep, this pillow is a must-have. It works wonders. I bought it a few weeks back, used it the very first night, and woke up without any hip pain at all. I use it every night now and honestly feel like it's worth much more than I paid.

Samantha K. >

This pillow alleviated my sciatic nerve pain in just a week—I absolutely love it!

Sandy L >

I wish I had purchased this sooner! The quality of my sleep has greatly improved.

Tom K. >

Great purchase, truly no complaints except perhaps I should have bought a second one for travel

Robert S. >

I've experimented with numerous pillows before, but this one is exceptional—it's simply perfect! I haven't had a single issue with it. Thank you for creating such a fantastic design, from the strap to the foam, to the materials used. Appreciate it!

Rachel T. >

This pillow has been a game changer—it helped me avoid hip surgery and saved me countless hours and expenses at the chiropractor. I've been using it for roughly two months, and the relief it has provided has profoundly impacted both my life and my partner's.

Anna D. >

Ordered three of these pillows while browsing social media; it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, I confess. I was a bit skeptical initially. They arrived a bit late, and the first night I didn't notice much of a change. But considering all the positive reviews, I kept using them for a few more nights. Then, I began to really feel the improvement. It's been six days, and my hip and lower back pain have utterly disappeared!

Catherine H. >

I purchased this as I've been grappling with lower back pain from an old injury, and my hip problems have been escalating over time. Remarkably, this pillow addressed my back pain and also maintains my hips and spine in alignment, easing the discomfort in my legs/hips. It retains its form perfectly, and the strap that secures it to your leg during the night is a game-changer. I even got an extra case for it, so I have one to use while the other is in the wash.

John J. >

Soft and of good quality

Jennifer T. >

I purchased it to help with my lower back/hip pain and appreciate its compact design that still offers ample support during sleep. It's great for someone who moves around a lot in their sleep like I do. My husband gave it a try, was impressed, and now we have a second one!

Brian E >

My physical therapist suggested this pillow for my sciatica and hip displacement issues. It's been a game-changer – my hip stays aligned now, which has significantly lessened my pain. I picked up a pair, since on some nights I prefer an additional one between my ankles, especially with the great deal I got.

Linda >

This pillow arrived yesterday and I used it last night. While not totally relieving my issues with pain, it helped a great deal...with time and once used to it, pain may subside totally. The cover is soft and pillow is pretty soft. Not super thick like others I have tried and the leg strap fits my leg great - others were way to big so pillows moved. This one barely moves if at all. It is comfortable to use and really does help my comfort level when sleeping. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pillow and would definately buy it again.

Joololo Customer >

Help to protect the knees when sleeping on my side.

Joololo Customer >

This side sleep pillow works for me. Fits comfortable and enables me to sleep through the night.

Elisabeth Thomson >

This pillow has been a game changer for me! I did not expect the relief I have found by using this pillow. My low back has hurt for a long time. In the past year my hips have become painful as well. Since I have been using this pillow both my back and hips feel so much better. It takes a little getting used to, but the help it has provided is worth the little bit of getting used to it takes, I’m glad I gave it a try.

Betty V. >

Love this pillow! It's very comfortable and holds up well for a plus sized human. I love how it relieves the pressure on my spine when laying on my side--just what I needed!

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